This clay pitcher was an amazing thrift store find that did not disappoint! When I saw it just sitting there on the shelf, I knew immediately the size was exactly what I wanted, the shape was just right, and the colors, well, I knew they would definitely not work for my space. But I had an idea. Thanks to a little spray paint and bling, that this floral pitcher makeover was about to happen…



On the day of the project, it was sunny, which is preferred when painting outside. There was a breeze, too, which can prove to be a blessing as much as a curse when painting. While it helped to dry my project a little faster, it also made the bugs that flew in its path stick to my paint. I have no tips for avoiding this from happening. It’s just part of it I guess…


Spray Paint

is truly the only supply you need for this project, other than your vintage vase or favorite, not favorite piece to be painted. I used Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Spray Paint in Glossy White that was made for indoor and outdoor projects. It worked wonderfully!

TIP: I used a piece of wax paper underneath the pitcher so that it wouldn’t stick after painting it.


Step by Step

  • Clean your piece and let thoroughly dry
  • Decorate if desired with ribbon, twine, or even your favorite bling
  • Display with or without greenery, twigs, or flowers


Here is an “up-close” picture of the BLING!!!!




So Pretty

I love how this thrift store find turned out! It’s on display in my home on a stack of books and looks as if it always belonged there. Speaking of books, one of my favorite projects Hand-Stamped Book Decor DIY with Bling Tassels used old books I had lying around.

>>>Leave your thoughts below in the comments please… BTW— Life is short—Enjoy the mess!
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4 Comments on Easy DIY Floral Pitcher Makeover

  1. Hi Melanie. I’m loving the makeover. And the bling is so perfect. I love all your fun projects. Can’t wait to make some.
    Thank you for sharing your ideas. Linda

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