What do you think you can make with a Upcycled Dresser Mirror?

Inspiration can come from anywhere.  This up-cycled dresser mirror shelf idea was inspired literally a year earlier.  When scrolling on pinterest one Sunday afternoon, I came across an amazing photo of a gorgeous round vanity mirror turned upside down on the wall to be used as a shelf.  It was absolutely beautiful! By the way, do you follow me on pinterest yet?  Check out all the fun projects you might be missing here on my pinterest page!upcycled-dresser-mirror-shelf-pin


You never know when you’ll be inspired. When I saw this beautiful vintage vanity dresser for sale on Facebook marketplace for $50 I knew right away, I wanted it for this unique home decor up-cycled project!  You can find these vintage dressers at estate sales, online or maybe even curbside!  After meeting the owner of the dresser and hearing his story of how the piece had been his grandmother’s treasure; I loved it even more.  I believe that all things vintage have a story waiting to be told.  Once the dresser made it home to my place, the up-cycled shelf project began!


  • Once we got it home, it was easy for my husband to help me take it apart.  We removed the mirror from the back of the dresser portion.  It was so old and the original screws were there. Once it was off, we removed the dresser mirror from the beautiful wood frame it was in.upcycled-dresser-mirror-shelf
  • Conveniently, we already had a 1×6 piece of wood in our garage that was just collecting dust, so it was time to put it to use.  We measured out a 44″ piece for the shelf and cut it down.upcycled-dresser-mirror-shelf-idea
  • Next came the stain to match.  I also conveniently already had leftover stain from our home renovation that I decided to use.  Yes, I stained this in my living room on my leather couch with craft paper underneath.  It’s just how I roll. upcycled-dresser-mirror-shelf-idea
  • I finished off the shelf with a top coat of poly spray to seal it a little. upcycled-dresser-mirror-shelf-idea
  • My husband stepped back in at this point and screwed down the wood to the top of the flipped over mirror frame and viola! a unique vintage vanity shelf was born!  After arguing where dead center was on our wall, we settled on a spot to hang the shelf over our couch.  upcycled-dresser-mirror-shelf-ideaupcycled-dresser-mirror-shelf-idea


After adding a wreath below and a little bit of decor to the shelf, I am in love with how it turned out~  upcycled-dresser-mirror-shelf-idea     upcycled-dresser-mirror-shelf-idea    upcycled-dresser-mirror-shelf-idea


Of course, we could have painted it all white to give it even more of a farmhouse feel, but something about the history of this treasured piece made me want to preserve it in its original state.  It actually blends well with the room in which it’s displayed and can be painted down the road if I ever change my mind!  I know your next question is what did I do with the mirror and dresser portions of this piece?  Well, I cleaned them up too. The mirror will be made into a chalkboard and the dresser is being used on my porch as a unique side table!  Now the entire vintage vanity is truly re-purposed.  What inspires you?



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