When you think of front porch Fall decorating, what comes to mind?  Maybe pumpkins, hay, scarecrows, or of course a Fall wreath for your front door!  Sometimes you just want something different, something unique for your front door decor. Well if you have an old print, photo or framed piece of artwork you don’t use or just don’t have a place for anymore, then this is where the Fall plaid frame wreath comes in! Fall is officially here and it’s time to get busy decorating the front door. Sometimes I think my favorite color is plaid, is that a thing? With its warm plaid colors, pretty florals, and pumpkins, this fall frame wreath is the perfect solution! Let’s make this…


Supplies Needed

  • Old picture frame from artwork or print or photo of choice
  • Fall plaid throw, blanket or flannel material of choice
  • Wooden wording cutout
  • Few Fall floral picks
  • Mesh ribbon
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Hot glue gun
  • Floral wire

Step by Step Instructions for Wreath

  1. Remove old picture and glass insert from frame, leaving only empty frame behind.fall-plaid-frame-wreath-frame-removal
  2. Paint your wooden cutout with white acrylic paint or your color of choice and let dry.fall-plaid-frame-wreath-painting-cutout
  3. Secure floral picks together with floral wire.fall-plaid-frame-wreath-wiring-stems
  4. Make your bow out of the mesh ribbon and secure with floral wire.
  5. Secure picks and bow to your frame using the floral wire. Tuck stems towards the backside of the frame.fall-plaid-frame-wreath-back-of-project
  6. Thread your ribbon at the top through the frame opening, for hanging the wreath later. Secure with a drop of hot glue on the back.fall-plaid-frame-wreath-secure-bow-floral-stems
  7. Cut out your desired section of the throw to work with keeping in mind the direction of the plaid pattern.fall-plaid-frame-wreath-cutting-square
  8. Trim down the material to fit your frame. Make sure the material reaches all edges and can be pulled tight to fit without distorting your plaid pattern.fall-plaid-frame-wreath-trimming-material
  9. Hot glue your material onto the back side of your frame in sections, pulling taught as you go.fall-plaid-frame-wreath-hot-glue-edgesfall-plaid-frame-wreath-glue-over-stems
  10. Hot glue your wooden cutout to the front of the wreath in the place you desire.fall-plaid-frame-wreath-attach-wooden-cutout
  11. Hang wreath using the ribbon you placed at the top of the frame.

If you missed the live video tutorial, you can still see it below.  It is in two parts, so be sure to catch it all!




It’s super easy to want things to be picture perfect in this life. The truth is, it’s just not. In fact, we all are less than perfect.  I love the reminder paraphrased here in John 8:7 “Whoever is perfect among you can be the first to judge.”  It’s a verse referring to the story of a woman who screwed up royally and everyone was quick to condemn her, but Jesus offered her mercy.  Thank goodness for His mercy in my life, too! His love is the only thing that is truly perfect. In what ways do you find yourself striving for perfection? Comment below.


Get it?  I’m in love with this unique decor and fun twist on the traditional Fall wreath! It was so easy and fun to make that anyone can do this!  Get creative, what old frames do you have laying around that could be re-purposed into a fun Fall craft? This project could even double as a cute addition to your seasonal gallery wall!  Speaking of gallery walls, have you checked out the post that shares all the details on starting your very own gallery wall?  If not, it’s here Gallery Wall.  I hope you’ll check it out and come back to share yours!

Fall Plaid Frame Wreath Pin


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