DIY Messy Bow

Here’s the deal. I’ve tried making different fancy bows over the years, and most of them were tricky and intimidating to create. So naturally, I would stick with your basic “tie your shoe” loop-ty loop bow. However, I’ve since discovered that some of the simplest of bows can be the prettiest! In fact, one day… Read more…

love lives here vintage handstamped book decor with bling tassels final

Hand-Stamped Book Decor DIY with Bling Tassels

Books, books and more books!  Seems like there are always books around at my house.  Most of mine have already been read more than once and are in a pile to be donated.  Recently, I shared a 5 minute project to create colorful book decor!  Hand-stamping has been the latest craze in decorating books to… Read more…

Buffalo Check Farmhouse Styled Gallery Wall preview blessed

Farmhouse Gallery Wall Design

What’s better than a farmhouse styled gallery wall?  How about a buffalo check, farmhouse gallery wall!  After months of collecting just the right pieces, finally the day came to put it all together in true gallery wall fashion. It actually seems like I put it off for weeks; but it in hindsight, I was just… Read more…

diy ombre blue painted utensils

Ombré Blues DIY Painted Utensils

Often, the new year brings excitement, anticipation, and joy. Other times, it can be overwhelming and actually bring on a case of the “blues”. Diving into a deep blue ocean of fun projects can be a great mood booster! This one was super easy and fun! >>>BE SURE TO PIN THIS FOR LATER!<<< After I termed this project “ombré painted utensils”, my teenage… Read more…

DIY Painted Buffalo Check Doormat

They say “step on a crack, break your mothers back”, but what about painting a crack? When you own an older home, cracks just come with the territory! And when it comes to my front porch, cracks are a plenty! Usually, I just throw a mat down to cover them up; but this time, I decided to paint a DIY semi-permanent buffalo… Read more…

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