The spooks come out at night, or so they say… Halloween can be a super fun time to decorate for little ones.  My little ones aren’t so little anymore, so when it comes to decorating for holidays like Halloween, I get the freedom to try new and different things and that is how this buffalo check themed Halloween tablescape came about.  It started with an idea of going a more neutral route for this traditionally orange and black holiday by using mostly white and black accessories.  This buffalo check Halloween tablescape was easy to create. See it all unfold here…



Step by Step Halloween Tablescape

  1. Buffalo Check runner from Hobby Lobby was placed as the base across the length of the table.Buffalo-Check-Halloween-Tablescape-13
  2. Neutral Halloween themed runner with the words “Come in for a Bite” on each end along with spider webs and ruffles was added on top of first runner in a bunched up, loose fashion.  This was old and I cannot remember where it was from; however, any cute runner will do just fine. Get creative hereBuffalo-Check-Halloween-Tablescape-15Buffalo-Check-Halloween-Tablescape-10
  3. The “gather” lazy susan platter from Hobby Lobby was added for hieght and texture with the wooden ball trim on the edges.  I wasn’t worried about the wording as I knew it would be covered up.Buffalo-Check-Halloween-Tablescape-1
  4. Next comes a fun black beaded floral wreath from Hobby Lobby.  This adds texture and helps to cover some of the lazy susan top.Buffalo-Check-Halloween-Tablescape-2
  5. The tiered tray is the true centerpiece to this arrangement.  This is a simple black metal two-tiered tray from, you guessed it, Hobby Lobby.Buffalo-Check-Halloween-Tablescape-4
  6. The first decor added to the tray was some wooden rattan pumpkin picks from Hobby Lobby. I just placed them around the center of the bottom tier on the tray.Buffalo-Check-Halloween-Tablescape-5
  7. The additional pumpkins were added around the tray bottom and the larger pumpkin was added to the top.  All of the pumpkins were from Hobby Lobby. The mix of different textures and colors lends to the appeal of this arrangement.  Play around and get creative with the colors of pumpkins you want to use.Buffalo-Check-Halloween-Tablescape-7
  8. I added a few antique candlesticks, two on one side, one on the other for added balance to the table.Buffalo-Check-Halloween-Tablescape-11
  9. The place settings were as follows; woven charger, buffalo check charger, white china, white napkin with silver napkin ring.  All from Hobby Lobby.Buffalo-Check-Halloween-Tablescape-6Buffalo-Check-Halloween-Tablescape-3Buffalo-Check-Halloween-Tablescape-12Buffalo-Check-Halloween-Tablescape-14
  10. I added a few wooden block signs and some black feathers to the bottom of the tray for added character, detail and texture. Buffalo-Check-Halloween-Tablescape-9

The top pumpkin received an added wooden beaded tassel with the tag that reads “BOO”.Buffalo-Check-Halloween-Tablescape-17Buffalo-Check-Halloween-Tablescape-8

If you want to see a video version of it all coming together, you can view that below.


As I set this spooky table up for the season, it reminds me that it matters who we spend the very most of our time with on a daily basis.  I Corinthians 15:33 says “Do not be deceived. Bad company corrupts good morals.” So as you ‘walk the walk’ through this spooky life; like the little sign says, try use caution to avoid a dead end!

This is such a fun and easy table setting to re-create on your own!  Use what you have and add a little extra.  Most of the pumpkins as well as the candlesticks will be re-purposed for my Fall Tablescape in a few short weeks.  Saving both time and money when decorating… I love that part!


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